Radioactive dating used for dating the turin shroud

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The hum is a mystery that predates the era of 1950’s when the reports of an incessant acoustic low frequency disturbance came trickling in from certain zones such as Bristol(England) , Taos(Mexico) , Windsor(Ontario) , Bondi(Sydney) and people complained of an agitating humming, throbbing, drumming sound that led to sleepless nights and depression.The possible causes were related to the activities in the hum prone zones but to no scientific explanation was found as to these ELF(extremely low frequency) “Hums” that were heard only by 11% of the total population within the zone becoming louder at night and fading during the day.Sometimes you track down the monster and pull the rubber mask off to reveal the janitor.Sometimes you try that, and the monster gobbles you up. You are left with nothing except the tracks, the sightings, and hypotheses.Two characters can argue for the alternative explanations, supernatural or naturalistic, without either one of them carrying the Idiot Ball. Sometimes it invokes The Chris Carter Effect or Kudzu Plot.

Everything in space has a tract to follow due to gravitational influences of detectable entities around it like sun, moons, clusters, nebula, black holes etc but the great attractor is just an unknown vacuum with a central mass bigger than anything known before, big enough to suck into it everything including the universe itself based on the estimation of how fast we are moving towards it.Kennedy’s death when a mysterious woman was spotted at a very good vantage point with a camera wearing a light tan coloured scarf (hence babushka).It was filmed by many photographers before the parade in 1963 in which he was assassinated by several shots and she is a main feature of most of those films.In the case of Emily Stagee, 50 students witnessed her twin with a black shadow that enveloped her writing on the black board whereas she sat in her garden pulling out weeds.

“Babushka” means grandmother in Russian(who wear scarf’s) and the nickname arose during the aftermaths of President John F.

“The Hum” continues to remain an intriguing mystery even today.