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29-Aug-2017 17:50

" In reality, Mike has "feelings" towards Jolin as his girlfriend from outside the entertainment circle looks like Jolin. I refuse to accept thiss even if it's true,i want mike and rainie..&& I'm currently watching wwl too darn it this news urge me not wanting to watch it anymore..*blech*.

The 2 have been dating for a while now, since 國二 (i dont know how Taiwan calculates their schooling years), and even though there have been girls both within and outside of the industry that have confessed their love for him, Mike hasn't had a change of heart. mike is so loyal to his gf =p oh well i guess he just wasn't meant to be w/ rainie =[ but they're still good tgt as a fake onscreen couple XP it really breaks my heart..only for me (lmao) but more than for rainie..i never thought that mike had a gf already coz he always says that he is not dating anyone or never been into a relationship after her gf in junior (hs) years...well, if it's from his 8th grade, then this is still then his first love..the news means current or past gf of mike??? ...welll, i dont know how to 'accept' it but i now i have to coz i love him and whatever makes him happy, i should be happy for him...huhuhu ...i just pray and hope for that he and rainie ends up together...if this is true, then .....

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His wife is a non-celebrity so he won’t be sharing any information about her and asked for blessings from his fans.

he wants someone whom is healthy, and basically takes good care of herself ~ hope everything goes well for the pair ^^ OMG!!! btw..anyone saw a picture of this "supposively girlfriend" yet??? I seriously don't get why he is considered so good-looking.... I am quite surprised to find this because they have been dating for quite a while and I've never heard of it!