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So, it is but natural to ask, is there any mention about the descendants of Lord Rama in Mahabharata?

Who were the descendants of Rama in the era of Mahabharata, and what was their role in the great war at Kurukshetra? Bharata founded the city of Takshashila, Taxila in modern Pakistan which later became the center of higher education in the ancient world with its majestic Takshashila University, one of the many great universities of ancient India.

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which took its name from the popular cult film, Heathers.

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On December 14, 2017, Amrull married Ryan Turner in Norwalk, California.

The Thailand one-satang coin is a currency unit equivalent to one-hundredth. A commemorative was released in 1996 to mark 50 years since of the reign of Rama IX.… continue reading »

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