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22-Apr-2017 10:08

Reading Urasek's spot-on description of the supposedly "adult men" in places like NYC and LA was very validating — I've met men online of all ages, and they *always* seem to have an issue with commitment.

Peter Pan Syndrome is exactly what it sounds like: A manchild who refuses to grow the hell up.

One of my clients revealed that she is into personal growth and the man with whom she was corresponding mentioned that he knows several famous self-help authors…and even misspelled one of their names!

This is a sign of arrogance and is definitely a red flag.

It’s best not to waste your time on chatty emails or phone calls, although it may seem easier to screen people, remotely.

A man who compliments you then turns around and tells you that he dislikes the thing he complimented is playing games.

If your date is a jerk to strangers, even if he or she is perfectly polite to you, that's a huge red flag, and speaks volumes about their true character.

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When you meet someone in person, you can use your instincts much more easily, but through emails and text messaging, it’s harder to really get someone’s vibe.

One of the ways to test a man to see if he’s a good guy is to see whether he respects your need for boundaries and privacy.

If the situation seems forced and makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts.

There's nothing less sexy than going out with someone who treats other people — be them waiters, homeless people, cab drivers, you name it — with anything less than civility and respect.

As Urasek points out, it's not hard to treat people like human beings, and even living in a city as notoriously "rude" as NYC doesn't make it okay to act like an asshole.Most people do their best to describe themselves relatively accurately.Even if we assume 95 percent of profiles represent real people, you’re still left with lots of fakers.Watch out for a man who says that he knows the people you admire.

Oct 15, 2015. If you use dating apps and haven't come across a total creep, consider yourself lucky — you're an anomaly. Because of the anonymity we're.… continue reading »

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