Reggie bush not dating black women

27-May-2017 08:01

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These black women really think black men are idiots. Its about insecurity and people making comments based on opinions that come from insecurities and dejection.For a black male to make the comment that all black women are not attractive because he does not find them attractive would be asinine.

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Jay Okay You do know that Derek Jeter, The Rock, Shemar moore and a slew of black and mixed black men date white and nonblack women exclusively right.We applaud should consider putting Robin Thicke on their next cover—the gorgeous blue-eyed white boy soul singer's endless devotion to his African-American queen of a wife (Actress Paula Patton) is articulated in every one of his songs.Bottom line (no pun intended), no one can keep it in their pants anymore, regardless of race.Big Momma was busy telling Mashonda not to chase after boys and we see how that has worked out.

It is no secret that Reggie Bush does not date black women. He loves escorts/strippers, trashy women. Remember how some black women use to be mad as hell about Kim dating Reggie.… continue reading »

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The Houston Texans' decision to not take Bush was derided by many. Kim Kardashian and Bush was accused of only dating non-black women. Reggie Bush.… continue reading »

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What Black Women Could Learn. There are some black women who find Reggie's infatuation with. What Black Women Could Learn From the Kardashians. 220.… continue reading »

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This Site Might Help You. RE How do black women feel that black men like Reggie Bush never date them? I know white women date black men too.… continue reading »

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BET Twitter Is Freaking Out That Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian’s Daughters Look Like Twins. Nope that's not Kim, North & Saint. That's Reggie Bush.… continue reading »

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Reggie Bush Covers Essence Mag, Black Women Are Pissed. Essence is not calling Reggie Bush the authority on black. dating white women.… continue reading »

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