Regular expression for validating date of birth

20-Jun-2017 20:06

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Assigning Disable to the Auto Validate property prevents implicit validation altogether.

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You can validate the data as the data is entered in a control by reading the keys as they are pressed, or more commonly whenever the user takes the input focus away from one control and moves to the next.

When the user action occurs, you can trigger explicit validation in one of the following ways: However, in some cases, you might want to let the user close the form regardless of whether the values in the controls are valid.

You can override validation and close a form that still contains invalid data by creating a handler for the form's Closing event.

For a code example that validates an email address in a Text Box, see Validating.

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Validation is very useful when you have bound your controls to a data source, such as a database table.If you determine that the control's data is not valid, you can cancel the Validating event by setting this object's Cancel property to .If you do not set the Cancel property, Windows Forms will assume that validation succeeded for that control, and raise the Validated event.For example, if you have code in a Validated event that attempts to cancel the data binding, the data binding will still occur.

Hi i need to use same textbox for inserting date of birth and age ie if a person knows dob he enters dob and if dob is unknown he enters age. So I need to validate my textbox using regular expression so a person can enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format or upto 3 digit age. Please help me to validate my textbox either using regular expression or.… continue reading »

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Want to learn more about regular expression? Highly recommend the this and classic book – “Mastering Regular Expression” Highly recommend the this and classic book – “Mastering Regular Expression”… continue reading »

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I need a regular expression for date which will have A mmddyyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, m/d/yyyy are valid inputs… continue reading »

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Alert"Date of Birth appears to be incorrect"; Notice that instead of using a regular expression to check that the second email address entered that should be the same as the first for verification purposes is correct, we simply check that its value is exactly the same as the first email address entered.… continue reading »

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