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relative dating relies on which of the following principles-58

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If I produced translations of even the most diverse extant copies (say P46 and K), an audience would be hard-pressed to detect the differences between them.Of the differences noticed, most would be placed into the categories of At the level of significance and meaning, my impression is that the scribal transmission process has preserved the message of the apostlic generation with a high degree of reliability. Those of us who are concerned with the minute details of the textual tradition nevertheless seek to understand the history of its transmission.According to information theory, it is possible to transmit a message through error-prone communication channels with a high degree of accuracy provided that certain conditions are met.A first step in treating the biblical transmission process from the perspective of information theory is to break the text into a sequence of that have been transmitted.This book is therefore restricted to exploring the application of multivariate analysis techniques alone.Being based on a sample of one part of the biblical textual tradition, all of the results have a provisional nature.New insights gained through this exploration have further influenced my interpretation of the results.Let the reader be warned that I am a stumbling amateur in the fields of statistics.

Various assertions have been made about the degree of confidence that can be placed in the biblical text, but little effort has been directed towards a quantitative assessment of its reliability.My Ph D work on Hebrews discovered about two thousand places where the five thousand or so words of Hebrews differ among the thirty or so extant (i.e.surviving) manuscripts of Hebrews from the first millennium after Christ.changes of word order, presence or absence of articles) to the more major (e.g. any but the simplest) did vary somewhere among the copies in a way that affected meaning, even if slightly.

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Copying errors are a fact of the transmission process, as anyone who has attempted to produce a manual copy of one of the New Testament books will know.

Most of these were merely orthographic differences, reflecting the particular spelling practices of the scribes.

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