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In most people even if stones are formed they are usually small (6mm) tend to obstruct the flow of urine and cause symptoms.When obstruction to the flow of urine occurs, it causes agonising pain in the lower back.The testing kit provided by Gynecor has 1 Tao Brush (used for the collection of endometrial tissue) and 2 cytobrushes (one is used to clean mucus and debris from the cervix and the second is used for enhanced cell and tissue collection from the squamo-columnar junction of the uterine cervix).The Tao Brush is an Food and Drug Administration Class II device.Twenty-two had cancer or atypia, the others had benign diagnoses.When correlated with the final diagnosis, sensitivity for the Tao Brush and Pipelle were 95.5 % and 86 %, respectively, and specificity was 100 % for both (Del Priore et al, 2001).The pain may extend to the groin area (described as ‘loin to groin’ radiation of pain).

According to Gynecore's website, "Cytologies are very important because they add about 20 % more information than is obtained with just the histology.

According to the company's website (Gynecor for total uterine testing is the first test that is able to detect endometrial and cervical cancer, HPV, chlamydia and gonorrhea from the same specimen.

Using the Tao Brush, a sampling of the uterine lining is taken and the brush is sent to Gynecor for both histology and cytology examination.

The use of histology for endometrial examination depends on having enough tissue to yield an accurate test result.

However, a tissue specimen is sometimes hard to collect, especially in post-menopausal women.The NCI notes that based on solid evidence, endometrial biopsy (sampling) may result in discomfort, bleeding, infection, and in rare cases uterine perforation.In addition, risks associated with false-positive test results include anxiety and additional diagnostic testing and surgery.Gokshura Kada: 15 ml of this liquid, mixed with equal amount of water, taken three times a day is helpful for urination and in relieving the burning urination sensations which are common complaints of people with kidney stones.

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