Religions predating the bible

18-Feb-2017 02:17

I understand that their experiences of the divine ground in their lives were interpreted through the lens of a pre-modern view of the world, and my own religious experiences will take on a different form today.

We’ve known since at least 1872 that the Great Flood detailed in Genesis is a descendant of earlier flood myths from Mesopotamia.

Many of these modern-day faith healers have patients who are actually healed by these practices.

Doctors call this the placebo effect, an effect so powerful that drugs must undergo double blind experiments. Some of the mythological stories in the Bible are not original, but were borrowed from other traditions.

Mythology is a form of literature that expresses fundamental truths in a way that ordinary discourse is inadequate to describe.

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Many use the term myth in a pejorative sense to mean that the stories described are not factually true.

Reading the Bible as mythology is not a new concept.

Two of the early Church Fathers, Origen (185-254 AD) and Augustine (354-430 AD), both interpreted Genesis metaphorically, rejecting literal interpretations.

Examples include the Cosmic Tree, the Virgin BIrth, and The Resurrection. Here is UNC Religion Professor Bart Ehrman: "Just take the death of Jesus. Did he die on the day before the Passover meal was eaten, as John explicitly says, or did he die after it was eaten, as Mark explicitly says? Was the stone rolled away before they got there or not? Did they see a man, did they see two men, or did they see an angel? Reading the Bible as a literal historical account of events from the past limits the power of these stories.

Did he die at noon, as in John, or at 9 a.m., as in Mark? Rather than expressing universal truths, a literal interpretation limits the actions of God to certain events in history.

This story assumes (as was the thinking then) that the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe. Second, for the sun to stop would mean that the earth would have to cease rotating on its axis -- an event which would destroy the planet. For many of the miracle stories, natural explanations exist.

Jan 24, 2017. This has resulted in many rejecting the Bible as nothing more than mythology. these Sumerian stories are found predate the oldest books of the bible as. of Moses serve as the foundation for the world's two largest religions.… continue reading »

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