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14-Aug-2017 12:48

It was October 2002, and I had been granted a rare interview with the gang behind the blockbuster game franchise: Sam, his younger brother Dan, and their childhood friend Terry Donovan.

We were sitting in Rockstar's stylish New York City office as Sam explained that concerns about the violence in his games were unfounded because had a moral system hard-coded into it.

Donovan was a self-described “A&R chap” who signed fledgling bands to sublabels.

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“People like that inspire me so massively,” Sam Houser told me back in 2002.Last June, Take-Two announced it had received a grand jury subpoena from Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau seeking, among other things, documents “relating to the knowledge of the Company’s officers and directors regarding the creation, inclusion and programming of hidden scenes (commonly referred to as ‘Hot Coffee’).” Hot Coffee is an explicit sex minigame buried in the source code of Rockstar’s 2004 title The irony is thick: The company that defined virtual criminality is now associated with the real thing.Rockstar and Take-Two executives declined to answer questions for this article, but their rich and troubled story is revealed by official documents and former employees.It seems the blokes forgot that in life, as in , there are repercussions for the choices you make.

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To deflect charges that its games encouraged players to mistreat women, Rockstar created a new challenge for San Andreas dating. To impress women in the game, players have to learn their tastes. Get your avatar a hairstyle and wardrobe she likes, pump iron at one of the in-game gyms, and she might let you take her out. Buy her… continue reading »

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Video games developer Rockstar Leeds returned to profit last year but posted a slight decline in turnover. The firm, which is part of US-based Rockstar Games, posted a pre-tax profit of £242,864 compared to a loss of £187,403 in the year ended March 31, 2013. Turnover dipped to £3.8m from £4m… continue reading »

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