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05-Apr-2017 20:36

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Photos show the bottle still covered in the original cellar dust! Development of fermented drinks produced from sugarcane juice is believed to have first occurred either in ancient India or China, and spread from there. Produced by the Malay people, brum dates back thousands of years.

Around the globe unrest continued as countries began picking philosophical sides in the brewing Cold War.

The rules governing courtship became stricter as well.

With the single-minded focus on finding a spouse beginning at an even earlier age, dating etiquette dictated not only how teens should act—the man always initiated the engagement and picked his date up, at which time he would generally meet her parents—but also how the relationship would proceed.

This is the classic "benchmark" Pernod Fils with the labels overprinted "Fabriqué en 1913" (made in 1913).

This is a very rare bottling - these bottles were the very last stock produced by Pernod before the ban in 1914.They were sent to Holland for safekeeping and a small quantity were released 25 years later for export in 1938 with this special overprinted label.The balance of the stocks was unfortunately destroyed by bombing during the war.The rum produced there was quite popular, and was even considered the best in the world during much of the 18th century.

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During the 1930's, "steady" relationships had developed as a stage between casualness of dating and marriage. When a "steady" stage had formed, they dated only each other, which could last for months or maybe just a week. This bond was marked with meaningful rituals, for instance the sharing class rings or letter sweaters/jackets. Romantic love.… continue reading »

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