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Tall and handsome, his black T-shirt, brown jeans, distressed leather boots and slightly spiked-up hair give him the look of a front man for an indie band the day we meet, and women clearly adore him.According to Emily Blunt, who plays Queen Victoria to his Prince Albert in The Young Victoria, Friend is the very "definition of a real man". Once the most beautiful actor on the planet, Everett is now 57 and flumped like a clapped-out calfskin tote under the unforgiving lights. It is a question he and I ponder as we sit in the back room of a starkly lit trattoria in Brooklyn."Ah, maybe we can get together and make a bench," he chuckles. So I will be shown up in a big way." One thing he will not be making is a cross for his own back, metaphorically speaking, of course, by putting himself in a position where he becomes a fixture in the gossip mags. It's great to sit and talk about the films and the people I work with, rather than where I buy my socks or whatever." His private life is so off limits in fact that when I suggest that having a partner who is also in the movie business must make his life easier because she presumably understands the pressures of a film actor's life, Friend completely ignores the implied reference to Knightley. So I think it's almost impossible to make a rule for it." Friend cannot evade the paparazzi's lenses as easily as the meaning of my question, however."This industry is too bonkers to understand," he says simply. And while he seems reluctant to complain about them on his own behalf, he gallantly steps up on behalf of actresses.Harriet Walter, meanwhile, has confessed that she "fell in love" with him during the making of the romantic drama.

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"My first question when I read that script," says Friend, "was, 'What makes a woman, after her husband has died, lay out hot shaving water in his room every single day for the next 40 years? What makes her unable to speak about him without crying?But if I'm honest, and I'm not doing a 'pity me' act, there were some huge swathes of depression in the middle of that." His packed-looking CV actually represents five years' work, "and in every one of those years, without fail, I was unemployed for six months." These were difficult periods, he says, because he did not know what to do with himself. " I suggest that what Friend is essentially describing is the vicissitudinous life of a freelancer, something I completely understand. "My father started his own business and before that was a freelance lecturer, and my friends are artists and musicians, they don't have real jobs, none of us have real jobs," he laughs, "and it's really a process of trying to realise that it's not dead time, it's time that you can use to do the things that you don't do when you're working." Which would be what in his case?"I'd always wanted to work with wood, so a big thing for me was thinking, like, 'Okay, then instead of thinking I'm unemployed, I can try and do something with wood.'" Friend gives a surprised laugh when I tell him that Jake Gyllenhaal also once told me that he enjoys doing carpentry when he is not filming. I don't go to events or self-promote, or endorse things, or whatever it is people are meant to do in that world. I've never experienced the filming the process the same way.' I just thought, 'That's one of the most moving, posthumous declarations of love that I have ever come across.'" The actor says he spent a lot of time hanging around Albert's statue in Hyde Park, London - "which sounds weird," he laughs – just thinking about what kind of man would inspire such a memorial.