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08-Feb-2017 11:56

How he did it was bizarre: He paid back Deutsche with a massive lifeline—from Deutsche.

Only this time he eschewed its real estate team—which wanted nothing to do with him—and got a loan from its private wealth division.

Robert Mueller is now trying to find out the truth about those suspicions.

The special counsel is investigating Russian interference—from the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Trump, the attorney observed, provided extensive advice on how to do business in his half-dozen or so books.

In , he boasts of how he “love[s] to crush the other side and take the benefits.” Trump’s strategy—honed during his terrible financial struggles with lenders during the 1990s—“was to turn it back on the banks….

The same day Trump argued that the Great Recession meant he didn’t need to pay back his debts, he gave an interview to newspaper.

When asked whether it was normal to give more money to a customer who was a bad credit risk and liked to sue, one former senior staff member at the bank put it succinctly: “Are you fucking kidding me?