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They were re-doing the entrance with a modern look, however this is how it has looked since being built and how it looked when Jeremy attended Richardson High School.To see a page with more photos of the school, shift - click on the photo below (holding your shift key down keeps this page open and music playing uninterrupted). Pearce in Richardson, Texas, but went to Richardson High School for a few months.To be sure, I checked the Dallas Morning News online archives and confirmed the article there and have reproduced it below.The tendency to jump to conclusions and convince yourself that you know what the other person thinks or feels represents a distorted belief because you simply cannot know what someone new thinks or feels. Regardless of the specifics, they are emotional people and can be highly emotionally reactive.With this distorted belief, you are always waiting for disaster to strike.

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For example, you call the woman you just started dating on the phone and she sounds distracted and irritated, so you personalize the situation and have the distorted belief that the way she acted with you had to do with the way she feels about you.

For example, the guy you have gone out with a few times suddenly stops responding to your calls and texts for a day.

Because your distorted belief system causes you to see everything as a potential catastrophe, you instantly tell yourself that he lost interest, broke up without even telling you, and is probably getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Cognitive distortion is the fancy term for a distorted belief, a belief that doesn’t make sense because it’s not rooted in reality.

For example, a thin woman who truly feels that she’s overweight has a distorted belief.As one kind employee of Richardson High School has told me and discussed during a four hour interview at my home recently, "Jeremy was a good kid with a mountain of problems that he didn't deserve." That interview will be posted here in the relatively near future.See some details and facts from our meeting toward the bottom of this page.Keep an eye on your tendency to indulge in any of these four distorted beliefs, and you will have a much less anxious – and more fulfilling – time dating.

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