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Scott was the fourth president of what was the largest corporation in the world, the Pennsylvania Railroad, during the middle of the 19th century.In connection with his railroad interests, he also took a leading role in crafting what eventually became the Compromise of 1877, which marked the end of Reconstruction following the Civil War.The Pennsylvania Railroad expanded from a state line railroad to a transportation empire in the 1860s and 1870s.By 1900; Scottdale was the largest manufacturing town in Westmoreland County, and the center of the great Connellsville coke region, which gives employment to over 20,000 men.Within sight of Scottdale are, 3,000 coke ovens studding the hills and presenting the appearance of a vast torch-light procession.At this same time there were 18,000 coke ovens in the region, producing over 40,000 cars of coke monthly.In 1800 a heavy emigration of German and Mennonites came.

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Scottdale is strictly a mining and manufacturing town and up to date has had a good, healthy growth.

In 1860, Scott became the first Vice President of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

From 1871 to 1872, he was President of the Union Pacific Railroad and assumed the Presidency of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1874.

“The corks were removed or a hole punched through the bottom half to get the whiskey out. bottles and are now in the bottom of the cases,” Pritts said in court documents.

“Patricia Hill knows that the bottles were full and undamaged about one year ago.

The importance of the railway was a major factor in our town’s growth some of the business’s that relied on the Pennsylvania railroad as their life line were: The National Foundry and Pipe works, the two rolling mills, Scottdale Iron and Steel Limited and the Old meadow Rolling Mill, Kenny and Co.’s machine shops, H. Frick Car shops, Charolotte Furnace, and Scottdale department of the Pittsburgh Brewing Co.