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We had all so hoped that single dad, John Robertson had finally found true love in his second time down the aisle.But shortly after the show finished, John and his TV bride Melissa Walsh announced their split.Sean had been on looking for "the one" for a few months with little success.This is where it all changed when I signed up on the dating website! We had planned to meet in the morning bright and early ( I may or may not have said something about having plans later that day as a back up).I on the other hand, was pressured into signing up one night after having 1 glasses of wine with my Mom who was ever so eagerly trying to set me up. ) I can only assume that after retiring, both her and my Dad were ready for me to move out! I also did my due diligence and told my friend Kim to text me in case I needed to make a quick exit :) What most people don't know is that the date almost didn't happen!Since I was playing hard to get, I refused to give Sean my phone number until after I had met him - so we only chatted through the website.Months on from her 'divorce' from John, the Mornington Peninsula-based mum has fallen head over heels for Fred Whitson, a navy musician at the Logies, the Hush Puppies ambassador spilled on her unlucky love life."I'm back on the dating apps," she revealed.

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"Great to see some familiar faces around Melbs and congrats to @john_robertson_1962 on his new romance... Her TV hubby may have moved on, but don't feel sorry for Melissa -- she's never been more in love!

So....I sat inside the coffee house 15 min past the time we said we would meet - nervously scanning everyone walking in the door - I texted Kim (already getting annoyed thinking that I was stood up) I was giving him 5 more minutes before leaving.

As usual, she calmed me down, after going over possible scenarios as to why he wasn't there (I mean there must have been some tragic life altering event that was keeping him from meeting me for coffee, right?! Two seconds later he walked in the door and saw me sitting at the table.

When you portray a gay role on screen with high precision, people often speculate and call you are a real life gay as gay characters are not so easy to represent for straight men.

"Hawaii Five-0" star Christopher Sean shares a similar story as he has played an on-screen gay so flawlessly, people often mistake him for being on the gay side in real life as well.

After exchanging a few sarcastic remarks as to who was the one actually "waiting" we sat down and the rest is history!