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As Amnesty International statement notes: The regime of honour is unforgiving: women on whom suspicion has fallen are not given an opportunity to defend themselves, and family members have no socially acceptable alternative but to remove the stain on their honour by attacking the woman.The relation between social views on female sexuality and honor killings is complex.

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The incidence of honor killings is very difficult to determine and estimates vary widely.The distinctive nature of honor killings is the collective nature of the crime – many members of an extended family plan the act together, sometimes through a formal "family council".Another significant feature is the connection of honor killings to the control of individual's behavior, in particular in regard to sexuality/marriage, by the family as a collective.In societies where there is a weak rule of law, people must build fierce reputations.

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Once the family's or clan's honor is considered to have been destroyed by a woman, there is a need for immediate revenge to restore it, in order for the family to avoid losing face in the community.Boys and sometimes women in the family are often asked to closely control and monitor the behavior of their sisters or other females in the family, to ensure that the females do not do anything to tarnish the 'honor' and 'reputation' of the family.The boys are often asked to carry out the murder, and if they refuse, they may face serious repercussions from the family and community for failing to perform their "duty".We offer the the slickest platform offering instant messaging directly on the site.