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* * @warning * This function processes unfiltered user input!* * @param String $firstname * The users first name. * * @param String $address * Street and house number of the users residence.In Chapter 1 we learned how to create and display a basic contact form.In this chapter you will learn how to manage form validation.

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, otherwise a new administrator can be added by performing a CSRF attack on one of your users that are allowed to add users.

A DB-Error will make your application useless therefore you want it to reach the main try catch block of your application, in which you should handle the error.

You use a global variable for storing your DB connection, better use a singleton object. Using a singleton with lazy initializing will reduce load time on pages that do not interact with the DB and will create cleaner code. Send your form to the controller and let it process the users input.

* * @param String $postal_code * Swedish zip code of the users residence.

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* * @param String $city * The city of the users residence.

For example, you allow , which lets me to believe that you accept users with german names. I don't know that much about alphabets in other languages, but looking at this wiki page it seems that you are missing quite a lot of punctuation, not to mention non-latin alphabets.