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It reminds us of the challenges and benefits, cultures and crafts, people and resources that contribute to who we are as a nation.“Our records show that the sign had last been worked on in 2002,” said Bill Schenher, sign painter for the national park. and the world visit these parks to see the world’s largest trees (by volume), grand mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, vast caverns, the highest point in the lower 48 states, and more. It seems that the water doesn't drip into the channels as it should but onto the headliner.When it rains I can see it dripping from the metal framework channel that is part of the glass onto the headliner. Insurance cover up I'm thinking.....clean carfax report, lots of signs of a wreck????The dealer wants to take the inside of the car apart for big money. If it is the sunroof indeed, the headliner likely has to be dropped to see if there is a drain tube that is disconnected in line to the outside of the vehicle. Good luck. I have an '01 with the same problem.What might be causing this problem and what is the most cost effective solution for fixing it. They are probably thinking of a liberal amount of "actual time" in quoting the continued diagnosis and hopeful repair. You could always get a second opinion from another shop. I gutted the interior looking for a bad drain tube but found nothing.And, frankly, it’s rather majestic to look at, too.For 2018, Sequoia looks even more alluring with a new front grille and lower bumper, LED headlights, DRLs and fog lights and upgraded exterior trim.

The big and bold Sequoia takes its name from the largest redwood trees in the world, making a statement for family-sized roominess, power and capability.My sunroof is leaking water into the interior of the vehicle.I have located the front drain holes and drain tubes, and they are clear.In anticipation of Parrot releasing the application note soon here is another snippet of code that may be useful.

It uses the Astral python library to work out the sun’s elevation and azimuth at the time a Sequoia image is captured.For now, the heavily redesigned 400-seat interior is open for dinner (see its seafood-heavy menu below).There’s a main bar on the ground level, a buffet-ready space downstairs, and a private event space that can accommodate 180 guests.The outdoor tiered arena will add another 550 seats.