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When entering a new arrangement, calling it FWB is confusing because it doesn't reflect the complicated nature of what you're trying to create, especially if it's with someone you barely know.The sexual part of a new connection can be easy to fall into, of course. A friend is typically someone you trust and who trusts you—a relationship that develops through shared history, experiences, situations, circumstances, compatibility, or mutual interests.What if it's become a way of keeping the intimacy going, or they are hoping the sex will lead to deeper love and a committed relationship?What if that person is afraid to bring up these complications because they don’t want to jeopardize the friendship?That may be more freeing and less constricting than giving the wrong label to what you're trying to create. To use a word as archaic as adultery is so lacking in understanding of a relationship like this.Not labeling a new arrangement, situation, or relationship takes some of the pressure off, sets up more room to get to know each other as friends, and keeps the communication lines open. People have rights over their bodies and who they have relations with.When you're looking for an FWB arrangement with someone from the start, you're forcing a new potential relationship into a box that may not fit, with a label that may misrepresent it.

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The problem is, when an FWB hasn't developed organically, the label doesn't fit and may .When the other person wanders off, you have to pretend not to be heartbroken.FWB is also not an accurate description when it feels like your new friend is imposing an arrangement on you that is convenient for them, at your emotional expense, whether they are aware of that or not.If the victim (the one who shouldn't have married - but did - such an unfaithful person) finds out and then the two cheaters get together you can bet they too will cheat on each other (and they'll deserve it) because it's what started their relationship.

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It might be that this person finds it beneficial to be unfaithful.

The good news is that developing an investment in the "friends" part solidifies your foundation, and can also enhance the benefits. Adultery was against the law a long time ago, but there is a reason it was removed.