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19-Jun-2017 15:32

I wear a baseball cap with the the fur part of the hood round my neck and it feel lovely.In the cold weather I go into full snorkel mode with the hood pulled over my baseball cap.

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Sadly not many n3b's, n2b's or old school style snorkels about though. I have a couple of 'old school' parkas in blue and green.I like the older ones best as they have the best hoods - which are always best worn up ! Of out today in a navy blue one, and probably wear my grey one tonight.I just love wearing them, I did as a kid in the 80's and still have the same feelings towards them today.It looked cool with grey staypressed and a grandad shirt I have a collection of 1980's snorkel parka's.

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I now own 1 of every colour made, all with orange lining. I had a red-wine one at school in the 80's and was made to wear it fully zipped up - which I hated! I LOVE to wear my parka around the house (when my boyfriend isn't around as he hates them!

I wear my parka hood like that too most times when I'm out ie flipped back with the hood inside out and I love the feeling of the fur inside the hood around my neck and the side of my face.

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