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09-Jul-2017 20:20

Snorkel parkas give me a comfortable cosy, fuzzy warm feeling which only parka people can understand. Mainly the green fishtail (m65) style with a rabbit or lamby fleece lining and a good generous size ruff fur trimmed hood.

Sadly not many n3b's, n2b's or old school style snorkels about though. I have a couple of 'old school' parkas in blue and green.

I own every colour made in the orange lined parkas including 2 rare blue lined Millets ones. I have 4x Jon Jo parkas - black, green, maroon and navy, I do like them, but I have about 10 Lord Anthony ones.

I have a Black Label navy parka that's nice and a couple of Crossbow's. Its kind of unusual that although they look the same, each parka as its own uniqueness, slightly different padding, varying nylons, some have nylon lined pockets other don't, some have 2 press studs at the bottom side by side, some are staggered.

I used to wear them as a kid in the 80s, and always liked them. My friend Mandy loved been fully zipped into hers but I could never do with the smell of the fur; especially when it got wet! ) and pretend that I'm on a mission in the Arctic or that my snorkel-hood is a space-helmet and I'm an astronaut!!! I have just discovered this site and decided to let it be known that I love Snorkel Parkas!

I have a number of them and I especially love wearing them back to front.

Also draw cords on the hoods, some have them, some don't.

You are right I have a three unbranded ones I bought in early 2000s in black, green and navy blue from the a/n store and they are great.

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I love to sit in the chair with my hood up and fall asleep. Lovely comfortable bike which I ride wearing my parka.It looked cool with grey staypressed and a grandad shirt I have a collection of 1980's snorkel parka's.I now own 1 of every colour made, all with orange lining. I had a red-wine one at school in the 80's and was made to wear it fully zipped up - which I hated! I LOVE to wear my parka around the house (when my boyfriend isn't around as he hates them!I'm parka fetish mad, can't stop wearing them 24/7.

Love the soft fur hood feel and the shiny nylon look. Just watched one of the girls in the flat next door throw a pile of clothes into the bins at the back.I wear my parka hood like that too most times when I'm out ie flipped back with the hood inside out and I love the feeling of the fur inside the hood around my neck and the side of my face.I either wear a baseball cap or out on my bike a cycle helmet. My hood is big enough to pull over my baseball cap when it is really cold, but not my cycle helmet. I Have always bought them when they are in fashion and I can get hold of them, that is why I have ended up with so many.My old blue parka is my favorite and I have some rubber trousers for when it rains. I love the cold weather though when I can put the hood up in full snorkel. I love been fully zipped up and all my buttons done up on my parka.