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The Player File includes quick-play rules and pregenerated characters; the Scenario File for the GM includes the adventure.

The rules and setup are similar to Lady Blackbird - a dice pool system where every even number rolled is a success, gaining dice from the descriptor for the Trait used, as well as Stunt Dice spent. 36 pages Player File, 72 pages Scenario File (PDF).

It uses four attributes (Agility, Brawn, Cognition, Determination) each rated from "A" to "D" representing 3 to 0 die modifier.

There are two levels of skills, basic and advanced, with their own effects.

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Combat resolution is by rolling a Fudge die for every bullet shot.

If your offense is greater than opponent's defense, you hit. Not really an RPG -- rather a version of the live-action party game, played over days. The basic rules are freeware (optional charge), with two commercial background settings for each.

Players secretly try to kill their target by hitting with a NERF dart or other mock projectile. It uses a point-based, skill-based character creation, emphasizing freeform discovering things about their characters.

An expanded version with GM-only information is available in print (not free). It's intended to be a simple, light hearted system with lots of opportunity for heroics.

It uses freeform skills rated on a five-step scale (Poor to Excellent).

There are also five key phrases that a player can use at any time to modify the action.

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