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Snyder's attempt followed close on the heels of a 1993 Utah Supreme Court decision that allowed Salt Lake City to have an opening prayer at council meetings.But Van Wagoner said Salt Lake City abandoned the practice when faced with a request from Snyder, who wanted to offer a statement asking "our Mother in heaven" to "prevent these self-righteous politicians from misusing the name of God in conducting government meetings." The Salt Lake County Council reinstates public prayer at government meetings after a ten year hiatus.

The policy, which restricts individuals from opening a meeting more than once every three months, was adopted in response to a December 2003 letter from the Utah Atheists group sent to cities throughout the state challenging the use of prayer to open public meetings.

He came down from the dais before the prayer, saying he was doing so to illustrate that he was praying as a resident and not as a member of the council.