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But ultimately, no major attraction here is beckoning visitors.

And that gives you the breathing room to just enjoy Buena Vista.

The result is an underappreciated food city where farm-to-table is taken literally.

It’s also a scant 90-minutes from San Francisco to the west and Lake Tahoe to the east, and under an hour to Napa and Sonoma.

They’ll also talk about the big picture of what needs to happen in California’s forests to break the cycle of catastrophic mega fires.

“May and a fire that size in Alberta is a game-changing event and hopefully those people will be safe.

Explore Old Bisbee for a history lesson and museum tour as you travel on foot up Main Street to Tombstone Canyon.

Next, browse the countless art galleries, studios and bungalow-style houses that pepper the Warren District.

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The thrill of discovery, er, peaks when happening upon Bisbee, a mining-town-turned-arts-colony tucked into the desert.

But when the city takes the opportunity to lay claim to its complex history rather than deny it, that honesty also becomes the fabric of its culture.