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She's asked for a jury trial on charges that include reckless homicide, aggravated driving under the influence and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The sponsor of legislation to add five new casinos in Illinois says Gov.

Police contend Knox College Junior Tundun Lawani was crossing the street on Oct. Authorities say Smith was found hours later at her home. Pat Quinn has been unwilling to negotiate a compromise, but he remains hopeful one can be reached. Lou Lang, a Skokie Democrat, said Thursday he questions whether Quinn really wants a deal before the end of the legislative session.

Lincoln's Square and ends at the corner of Adams & Center Street near Calvert Funeral Home.

For more information on the Christmas Parade, please contact the Chamber office at 217-935-3364 or 866-4De Witt.

Ramirez led officers on a high speed chase down Interstate 55 from northern Mc Lean County to the Stevenson Drive exit in Springfield last year.

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The Sages were led by Ryan Donahue with 12 points 4 rebouds and 1 assists. The Bismark was led by Austin Toler with 15 points. Tune in tomorrow as the Sages take on Pleasent Plains at .

This year's budget saw some increased expenses, mainly due to the ambulance tax levy.

Young explains it was up to Board Members whether they wanted leave for in case something came up for next year's Board to have breathing room in case of an unforeseen occurrence. [audio:113012countybudget1.mp3] [/audio] County Board Chair Melonie Tilley felt as though taxing 0-thousand was a little bit higher than what was necessary.

She felt if they could levy 0-thousand, that would be more than enough to pay back the County's loan and also have enough money left over for unforeseen emergencies.

[audio:113012countybudget2.mp3] [/audio] Some language in the PSI contract may leave the County obligated to some future unexpected expenses.

Lang said Quinn hasn't met with him or the bill's other sponsor.