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He testified to the Senate panel that CR 11 (which allows for penalties for frivolous litigation) is a non-sequitur.

And that in the last 10 years, hed never heard of an instance of a CR 11 Maybe they should read their appellate opinions.

Because of his KY suspension, reciprocal discipline means he is also suspended in Ohio. The complaint notes the hospital and several doctors are being investigated by the Department of Justice. The Order Staying Enforcement of the Final Order from Yesterday 2-27-2014 Judge Heyburns order from two weeks striking Kentuckys ban on same sex marriages is now final.

Deters would be happy, he says, to just resign from the KY Bar. It is a Kafkaesque circle of legal doom for Deters. 2-28-2014 Judge Heyburn has stayed enforcement of his opinion striking Kentuckys ban on same sex marriages for 21 days. Gay marriages are (for now) recognized in Kentucky effectively immediately. Heyburns order is final and the ban on the recognition of gay marriages from other jurisdictions is void and unenforceable.

Because it happened at the trial court (Barren County) and was affirmed on appeal. KY Court of Appeals Imposes CR 11 Sanctions in a Medical Malpractice Case of State Gay Marriages Issued 2-12-2014 Updated We also have Attorney General Jack Conways reply brief.

Explains must defend the law but will leave it up to the court. 2-4-2014 Popular UK fan website (Kentucky Sports Radio), the alter-ego of attorney-turned-fan Matt Jones has been sued by a Virginia photographer in federal court in Lexington.

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The complaint was filed pro se and features a 102 page exhibit. The Kentucky 3-7-2014 Two lawsuits (each with 300 or so plaintiffs) have been filed against Kings Daughters Medical Center in Ashland alleging the hospital allowing and billing for unnecessary cardiac procedures. Brian Clare for Appellant (Plaintiff 8-14-2014 Working this morning on the Jesse Ventura defamation verdict against the Estate of Chris Kyle. Oral arguments are being heard at this morning (45 minutes from the time of this post) in a medical malpractice case. Beck argued that the First Amendment protected his speech, the public status of the events putting that speech on the highest run of the hierarchy. It was assessed 40% to Southern States, 25% to the decedent and 35% more to the decedents non-party employer. 4-11-2014 - The Adolph Rupp Lawsuit In the way back machine and in honor of UKs run this year, we chronicle an old lawsuit from 1952 against none other than Adolph Rupp.In the scheme favors and drugs were traded with the inmates for sex. And there wont be much harm to gay couples since it maintains the status quo of discrimination. The Motion to Extend the Stay 3-7-2014 Eric Deters has filed a federal lawsuit in Cincinnati challenging the Kentucky Bars ongoing suspension of his law the site for you if you wish to connect with the horniest whores you might ever before think of in San Antonio, Texas, United States. Additionally, you can find extra stuff: horny picture trade sexting room 39.7884,-120.6536 Blairsden, talk to hot ladies in Washington District of Columbia for free sans a credit card. A brand fresh collection of hot chicks willing to pound just for fun!