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It was Laura’s distrust and fear of Clark that ultimately led her mother to discontinue his services. Clark and was the motive for his murder of Houghteling.It would be years after the disappearance and murder of little Michelle Dorr that Clark revealed that he had consumed parts of the young girl’s flesh and even bragged of making a keepsake necklace consisting entirely of the child’s finger bones.It was only after Clark was arrested and charged with the murder of 23-year-old Laura Houghteling in 1992 that authorities tied him to the disappearance of young Dorr.Clark had served as a handyman for Houghteling’s mother, a kindly religious woman who pitied the eccentric young man.While living in Utah in 1998, Oberhansley killed his 17-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Elder, and attempted to murder his own mother, critically injuring her instead.Elder had given birth to the man’s child only days before her murder.When we think of cannibalism in the United States, our minds often envision worst-case scenarios of survival, like the consumption of human meat as practiced by the Donner Party.

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July 2014 led to yet another arrest due to Oberhansley’s erratic driving, causing a slow-speed police chase.

The couple married after just two months of dating. Nelson claimed that she was sexually abused by her husband and suffered from battered spouse syndrome, it wasn’t until 1991 that she sought her revenge: the murder, dismemberment, cooking, and cannibalization of William Nelson.