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On business trips, he expected and usually got more. The first time, he just wanted a blowjob to settle his nerves after an argument he had with his wife. Anyway, if I wanted to as he put it, I would help him out.

Now understand, I was no prude when I joined the corporate world. So on this memorable day after closing hours, he took me into his office for a job review. It wasn't really a surprise to see he was unzipped with his erect cock sticking up as straight as a flagpole. He put his hands on my shoulders lowering me down to his dick.

As he unloaded what appeared to be a week's worth of cum into my mouth, he kept saying, "Swallow it, swallow it. Well, I might seem like a naive girl looking for approval but the truth is, my background wasn't exactly that of a innocent little girl.

Swallow all of it, babe." I opened my mouth like in a porn video and showed him his cum that flooded my tongue, then gulped it down."My god, honey, you're good, very good."I wasn't called into his office again for a month, until my next job review. I had sex with men much older than me while growing up. The boys and men I've been with have always worshiped my breasts.

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It's a euphemism that's almost a compliment when compared to the other names given to my profession.

I worked out of their corporate offices with three other assistant buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The job required lots of travel and sometimes I traveled with Mr. We all called him Jake although we really wanted to call him Jerk. So it was no surprise that all of us working for him were women.

Fucking strangers has always turned me on, but that's part of this story I'll leave until later. They are firm and large, ripe for eager males to touch and suck.

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Jake walked behind my chair and fondled both breasts pinching my nipples until he heard me sigh and groan.I liked sex and had several affairs, some with married men before and during college, but this was different. He had a few papers on his desk that he shuffled pretending to talk to me about my performance saying, "You've done well, Miss Jackson, and I believe you have the potential to be head buyer some day." Then he asked me about my social life telling me that being sociable and approachable were important aspects of managing people. He wasn't big, he wasn't small, just a normal looking dick as hard as nails waiting for my attention. I was a willing subordinate in this area along with an interest in a promotion giving me the incentive to learn about being sociable and approachable.At the least, I viewed it as a compassionate service to a boss who claimed to having marital problems.That's when he bent me over his desk, pulled down my panties, and pushed in from behind."My god, you're wet, just like I hoped," he said fucking me with rapid strokes. My nipples have always been the gateway to my intense libido.