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03-Jul-2017 13:03

Patrick, 29, of Long Branch, found long-term love — a 1½year-long relationship that ultimately ended — through an app. "If you are looking to date seriously, you can possibly find it on there.It takes a little more time, but you can find it on there." Like Lisa, Patrick keeps expectations low when he starts a new online dating app. I feel like we can maybe be friends and maybe we can be serious," he said.

She's also an online dating expert, working as a consultant for the dating app Tinder.Hook up now, date later Dee Jay Mogul, a 28-year-old deejay from Brooklyn, agreed. Sex is the first thing that comes to mind," he said."It's hook up now, date later." App dating did lead Dee Jay Mogul, who prefers using his stage name, to a long-term relationship with his last boyfriend."I know what I ultimately want, which is a relationship to be monogamous." Susanne Cervenka: 732-643-4229; [email protected]

DATING SITES \Almost all dating websites now offer an app version.If someone reads your message, but doesn't respond, there's really nothing lost, he said."These apps and social network give you that bridge of courage that you might not exude when you are outside of that social element," he said.Among the most popular is Tinder, a relatively young dating service that made swiping right and left on potential dates' photos the standard for saying yes and no.