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In addition, the beer store lawyers said the liquor commission’s power is limited in deciding whether to renew a liquor license.They said the panel can determine only whether a licensee is still qualified to sell alcohol and whether the licensed premises has changed.Sober Indian | Dangerous Indian is both a story of brave men and women on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who have found empowerment through sobriety and those still struggling to overcome their alcohol addiction.Set in the weeks leading up to the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s historic vote to repeal its ban on alcohol on August 13, 2013, the documentary follows the journey of four alcoholics living on the streets of Whiteclay, Nebraska, less than 300 yards from their homes in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.Contact: Olowan Martinez 605 899--0044Autumn Two Bulls 605 441--7369Jorge Castillo 213 840--3336 August 27, 2012 am • Ruth Moon Journal staff WHITECLAY, Neb.| The Nebraska border town of Whiteclay filled Sunday afternoon as protesters from as far as the West Coast spoke and demonstrated in an attempt to end alcohol sales in the town.The equivalent of 3.5 million cans of beer a year are sold in Whiteclay, which has been blamed for the multiple alcohol-related woes across the Nebraska-South Dakota state line on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol possession and sales are banned.“We consider these serious violations and are prepared to provide appropriate evidence in support of these allegations,” said Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson in a prepared statement Tuesday.

Five administrative citations were filed against all four of the outlets: selling beer for resale; failing to cooperate with investigators; failing to document sales of more than 20 “wine gallons” of beer (which is more than eight 24-can cases); selling beer after hours; and failing to keep adequate books.

"We do this to prevent abuses of all forms from reaching into our sacred homes and to show our future generations how to protect our homeland by any means necessary!

Jun 13, 2016. Many consider what's happening in Whiteclay, Nebraska, a crisis rampant intoxication, filth, alleged sex trafficking. "You walk down here and.… continue reading »

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