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Kyoto's character was defined by the Imperial Court, the court nobles, its Buddhist temples and its history; Osaka was the country's commercial center, dominated by the chōnin or the merchant class.Areas further from the center were the domain of the chōnin (町人, "townsfolk").The shogunate's official rice-storage warehouses, The "Japan Bridge" (日本橋, Nihon-bashi) marked the center of the city's commercial center, an area also known as Kuramae (蔵前, "in front of the storehouses").Fishermen, craftsmen and other producers and retailers operated here.The northeastern corner of the city was considered a dangerous direction in traditional onmyōdō (cosmology), and is protected from evil by a number of temples including Sensō-ji and Kan'ei-ji.

The Sumida River, then called the Great River (大川, Ōkawa), ran along the eastern edge of the city.

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During this period, it grew to become one of the largest cities in the world and home to an urban culture centered on the notion of a "floating world".

From the establishment of the Tokugawa bakufu headquarters at Edo, the town became the de facto capital and center of political power, although Kyoto remained the formal capital of the country.

The area known as Shitamachi (下町, "lower town" or "downtown"), northeast of the castle, was a center of urban culture.