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Hence the poets too transferred heathen epithets to Christ Beda 1, 15 relates of Eedwald, an East-Anglian king in the begin- ing of the 7th century : ' rediens domum ab uxore sua, a quibusdam perversis doctoribus seductus est, atque a sinceritate fidei depravatus, habuit posteriora pejora prioribus, ita ut in morem antiquorum Samaritanorum, et Christo servire videretur et diis quibus antea serviebat, atque in eodem fano et altare habebat in sacrificium Christi et arulam ad victimas daemoniorum* (see Supp L). The history of heathen doctrines and ideas is easier to write, according as particular races remained longer outside the pale of baptism.

But when it comes to making out a word or passage in Old Norse, Greek, and even Slavic, I must suppose the author to have written for a much more limited and learned public than that which, I hope, will find this English edition sufficiently readable. sing, is formed gw Ss without the connecting vowel i, agreeing therein with the three irreg. I have already introduced a few extracts from it in the Foot-notes, especially where it appeared to contradict, or materially to confirm, the author's opinion ex- ! But in the present English edition it is intended to diged this Supplement, selecting the most valuable parts, and adding original articles by the editor himself and by other gentlemen who have devoted special attention to individual branches of the science of Folk-knowledge. vocative deus (1, 1071).* Moreover, God and other names of divine beings» reject every article (4, 383. 404 424 432) ; they are too firmly established as proper nouns to need any such distinction. fonn ; is this an archaism, pointing to a time when the word was really neuter ; or a mere irregularity due to abtrition, the word having always been masc. A full classified Bibliography and an accurate and detailed Index to the whole work will accompany the book. To have translated all that is not English would have swelled the size of the book too much.

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Apart from such translation, anj additions of my own are always placed in square brackets [ ], except a few notes which bear the signature '' T&AN&". For the sake of clearness, I have divided some of the chapters (XII. I have therefore translated a great many words and sentences. viii Trandato T^s Preface, where the interest, and even the argument, of the paragraph de- pended on the reader^s understanding the quotations. There is so much in it, which implies the reader's acquaintance with every part of the book, that I have felt bound to keep it where I find it in the original The only additions or alterations I have ventured to make in the text are the following : — 1. has the same three genitives irreg., man, fatar, pruodar, we should have expected the gen.