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Alfie and the family find the deceased baby and believe it is Tommy.After Kat blames Charlie for Tommy's death, Charlie decides to go and live with Lynne, despite Mo begging him not to go.Morse's contract was not renewed in July 2012, but she was not immediately written out of the series and continued to make occasional appearances until 21 January 2016.Mo's reintroduction was announced in December 2017; she returned on 16 March 2018.They reconcile, but break up again when Bert's ex-wife, Evie Brown (Marji Campi), arrives in Walford, terminally ill.Mo begins selling cigarettes that she bought in Spain and two of her customers turn out to be Revenue and Customs officers.Mo receives a phone call from Kat, who wants Zoe's birth certificate.

Much of Mo's time is spent selling poor quality stolen goods and she trades with Fat Elvis (Shenton Dixon).She is sentenced to 100 hours of community service, for tax evasion.After Stacey marries Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements), Mo tries to sell their wedding gifts.However, Brenda and Charlie leave together, leaving Mo devastated.