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26-May-2017 04:13

We can all agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Yet still, we are completely obsessed with understanding what the trends are in sensuality. I am still waiting for “Chubby and anxious is the new sexy” The truth is, everyone of those labels is completely right.…

American men are spending a greater percentage of their lives single.

There are many reasons for this, including divorce and longer life spans.

Even at my most fatalistic, I couldn’t accept that my only option was a pile of pills (and frankly, I was too broke to afford them).…

Read the rest Imagine waking up one day, and seeing that although everything around you looks, sounds and smells exactly the same as the day before – except everything is different. There are moments in our lives that break our story into chapters.

Read the rest That was the first thought that ran through my head after I burst into tears during a particularly emotionally charged meeting. I am phenomenally lucky to be born into a generation of women who rarely see overt sexism in the workplace and take for granted our ability to become leaders.

In my 20s, as I struggled to find myself and come to terms with finding a “real job” in the middle of the Great Recession, anxiety became my new normal.

As we explore the topic of sex and the single man, we need to begin by establishing a theology of sex. Now, when you think of sex.… continue reading »

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