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The picture had her smiling with that cute little Asian smile, and I couldn't wait to see her without her clothes on--this picture had her in a flattering shirt and jeans.

So that's how I found myself sitting outside of a public high school on a Friday afternoon, my car among all the other parents waiting to pick up their k**s--except I wasn't a parent yet, and I wasn't picking up my k**.

""Single mom goin' to school, especially a minority? I don't care if my parents kick me out; I'll be fine with the check from Uncle Sam. Anyways, it's less awkward, and it's easier to lie and say I was k**napped and ****d or some shit.

Besides, it'll be kinda kinky graduating with a baby in my belly.""So then how old are you, anyway? I have my liscense if you wanna make sure.""Nah, I believe you. I'm already fucking horny.""You have no idea," I said. ""If your askin' if I have my cherry, that was lost long ago to a hairbrush. That never happens these days." She gave me a grin: she might have been lying, but I didn't really care."So why a random stranger on the Internet? My parents would never think of contacting the authorities, so you've got nothin' to worry about.

Snapchat is available for free for i Phone and Android.

You see, I was bored one day, and tired of watching the crap on TV, so I had gone on the Omnibus Meetup website just to see what was out there.

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Within a few minutes, I suddenly got a message about a girl I probably would like to meet. Fuck, all I needed to do was shell out the money for a hotel room for a weekend, apparently, and I would be swimming in pussy."Holy shit," I said, awed at how sexy she looked."You like it? Your Omnibus profile said you liked the schoolgirl outfit, and my parents got it for me when they thought they were gonna transfer me to Japan a year or two ago.I figure it'll be fun to spite them if I get knocked up in it--and besides, it's fucking sexy.""Damn straight, but after a while, it'll probably be on the floor.""Along with my back, I hope," she giggled back."Of course."But first, suck it."Her eyes popped open as my cock came into view--she sure acted like a virgin, as I'm not that big, but I guess I'm big enough.

She reached forward with a hand and took it, and after a few seconds, licked it."Like that," I encouraged.

A few minutes later, we were in our room: a small one-bed affai. As we walked in, she grabbed her little bag and said, "Gimme a moment while I freshen up," and ducked into the bathroom--thankfully, I had taken care of that before returning to the car with the keys.

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