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18-Apr-2017 19:01

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Cost of living, namely rents continue to crawl up (00 for a room in a shared apartment is starting to sound like a good deal).One magazine described the city's economy as "tech and the rest of us".Funny enough, I was annoyed by it one night in a bar and so I pushed a bunch of buttons on a woman's smartphone screen as I walked by.I didn't see it but my friends said "She liked you, you were flirting with her! So there you go, a new way to flirt with women (push their buttons).I've gone on dates to see nice views of the city, gone to see murals, museum party nights, bike rides, and a couple of other random fun activities.

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Money The wealth might be stealth but it's still there.

Money and the tech boom probably affect dating in a myriad of ways but the most obvious would be that there's a lot of (mostly men) doing really well and more will keep coming to the city.