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As I talked, the look of shock and betrayal slowly dropped from her face to be replaced by one of love and understanding.

As I said though, she blew them all away in every other way without doubt so I decided to just live with it and accept that my sexual glory days were long over.

Well, as you can imagine, strong sexual urges don't just magically get up and walk away and one fateful day, they were exposed.

I let go of the dildo and it slowly made its way out, finally exiting with a loud 'plop'. My raging hard-on had died the moment she screamed, and with the way I felt at that moment, I didn't think it would ever return.

After a few stuttering attempts, I finally managed to eke out an explanation.It had been a rough week at work and I finally decided to just take a day off in the middle of the week to get some relaxation in not to mention a little "me time". There I was in a dress, lying on my back, panties around one ankle, legs in the air, pumping a big fat dildo in and out of my ass yelling, "Fuck me. ” while staring at the screen beside me on which a woman was fucking a man with a huge dildo and jerking him off at the same time... " was the first inkling I had that I was no longer alone.I got dressed, dug out a toy we had received the previous month at a gag gift party, some lube, set some appropriate porn running on my laptop beside the bed and got busy. I swear if I had any heart condition at all, she would have inadvertently killed me right then. I couldn't speak, could barely think, and very nearly threw up right then.She sucked and sucked while letting the dildo slide out of my ass.