Sikh and inter racial dating

18-Mar-2017 18:11

They in turn put him in a juvenile facility without informing his parents, who only found out after he was late that evening and called the school. When Armaan’s parents complained of excessive force, the local police blamed the pupils for making a joke and said they had to take every threat seriously.

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They were especially worried about his future, as he had a condition that had already required three open heart surgeries.

In the last month alone, American Muslims have seen mosques vandalised, hijabis attacked, the Ku Klux Klan vow to take them on, and an increase in everyday threats against them.

To a lesser extent – but in a similar vein – Sikhs face similar problems.

Last Friday, another child at school made a joke about Armaan concealing a bomb.

The school immediately called the police without even questioning him.

However, it’s a bit tenuous because our political leaders have emboldened people to act and speak on their racist ideas, and that is leading to increased violence.” It’s not widely known, but perhaps should be more widely shared, that the first victim of a racist attack after the twin-tower attacks was a Sikh man, Balbir Singh Sodhi.

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