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16-Apr-2017 11:14

It seems to be a lot more volatile with so many people than on a date where you generally try not to rearrange your partner's face as a rule of thumb. It seems to be okay if someone else is pissing them off or attacking them, but if two people in your group irritate or fight with each other, it could be quite painful for the meter.If this becomes the case, click on one of the offenders and select the "Leave Casual Group" command under "Ask" and eject the idiot before he or she causes some major rating damage.

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In addition to the core game, there are lots of fun and practical additions that Nightlife makes in conjunction with the University expansion pack!

On the flip side, if they are beating each other down into a bloody pulp and continue to assault each other with slaps, shoves and pokes, the outing could easily become an unrecoverable disaster.

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