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There are those God has predestined to be single and she lists a number of advantages for such people.

For example, they are not distracted by family issues, so they have more time on their hands.

’” While this is with a light touch, the message is not lost – know what you want beforehand.

The single and churchy woman has been warned not to make the first move, no matter how interested she is in a man.

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A popular pastor in one of the Pentecostal churches once admonished women in his congregation: “Stop hopping from one church to another looking for ‘the one’. Instead, seek God and the rest will fall into place.”In her book, Common Mistakes Singles Make, Mary Whelchel, founder of the Christian Working Woman, notes that not everyone is meant to be married.

But she could take it no more when, on her first visit to his house, she found strange posters of women on his wall.

Even the church is aware of this trend and is making efforts to accommodate this emerging group.

She ended the relationship and feels more at peace.“I met Momanyi, 32, in church and he looked interested.

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During our first conversation, we discovered that we both loved adventure and the outdoors.At many Christian gatherings today, apart from the call for people to be born-again, there is almost always a special prayer for singles searching for a life partner.The born-again single woman is not looking for just a relationship – it’s marriage or nothing.Apart from all the ‘usual’ things she wants in a man (ambition, sensitivity, honesty, caring attitude, good looks), he must be born-again.