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He believes his way of doing anything is the most superior way.His ego is not out in the open like a Leo, but it is as big as that of a Leo.In close relationships, conflicts naturally occur – but this closeness does not get to occur with the Aquarius male.He would rather make a joke of things and begin talking about another topic to escape dealing with any topic which may cause emotions to be expressed.Please feel free to post any questions or thoughts you have. The Aquarius male is a seemingly unconventional and innovative flirt who can charm those around him.Liking to surprise others, he is unhappy if he feels his freedom is being diminished.

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If the Aquarius male DOES NOT like you romantically and you persist in trying to get into his life, do not be surprised if his rejection is so cold and clear you can feel the icicles forming on your face.They can be quick to label you as dishonest or say that you do not know or speak the truth.This is also because they are by nature distrustful.Sometimes he merely likes to see if he can “wind up” someone by resisting whatever they ask.

He has trouble coping with individual relationships because they require him to be authentic on a deep level.This man typically is not classically attractive but can be, as in actor Paul Newman.But, if he has strong Aquarius energy or an Aquarius Ascendant, he can have bucked, crooked and broken teeth, a large nose with a bump in it, droopy eyelids/sleepy eyes, and a long neck and a long face like Ichabod Crane and this quirky physical appearance will somehow be somewhat attractive.Remember, you CAN find love no matter what your sign.