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09-Jun-2017 05:34

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Be honest about what you want: Most men don't want an “independent, empowered” woman.

In the eyes of the law she can do no wrong and you can do no right. That's why you have to choose the right wife in the first place to eliminate much of that risk.

Steps should be taken to minimize the chances of divorce.

Bullshitters will suck up to the dregs and say the opposite in a futile attempt to get some action.

These poor suckers get shit on the most and never understand why.When you get married you immediately give your wife all the power over your money and your children. She can live off of your paycheck via alimony and child support and she can keep your children and raise them in a single-mother or step-daddy household.“No-fault” divorce really means “his-fault” divorce. If your wife is to decide she wants a divorce she can have all the benefits of being married and none of the drawbacks. She has the complete and full support of Papa Government behind her.It shouldn't be left to chance (“love”) – you've got to be pro-active, know what you want and then go after it. Marriage is a contract and you've got to try your hardest to make sure that contract is reinforced.

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