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03-Feb-2017 14:43

Pro: It's pre-dating, without the pressure of wondering if you're date's profile is accurate.

Con: Singles may feel shy and not ask someone out for an official date.

Internet dating, social dating, Facebook dating, or the old-fashioned way of meeting offline at work or with a little help from your friends or grandmother.

There are so many more options available to singles dating in the digital age, yet so many can't seem to connect. As an online dating expert and coach, one of the top questions I'm frequently asked is, which method is better?

Con: It can become addicting to some, who never meet offline or are looking for the next pretty face. Pro: Many sites provide matching tools and send you emails of suggested matches to make it easier for you to view potential dates.

Con: Many singles limit their search criteria to height, zip code, or income and can miss the opportunity to meet a compatible match.

Dating sites and apps were most popular among younger internet users - 30 percent of U. internet users aged 18 to 29 years were currently using dating sites or apps and a further 31 percent had done so previously.

Pro: You can easily date in groups, while developing new friendships with people with similar interests.

Con: You're limiting yourself to a certain geographic area.

Other common reasons for using online dating sites or apps were the pre-screening of dates as well as easier conversation. Closest competitors were e, Christian Mingle and dating app Tinder.

As of April 2017, the leading dating website in the United States was with a U. As of the first quarter of 2017, the Match Group had 3.44 million paid subscribers across all its platforms in North America. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct.Pro: You can determine if there's chemistry in person sooner.Con: You're limited to your existing social circles or regular activities and will meet less people.Riding into the digital sunset together is now a way of everyday life.

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