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When you’re involved with a compulsively dishonest, egomaniac, their behavior sets off a chain reaction, which causes us to behave in equally unhealthy and neurotic ways.Trying to maneuver through all the curves and road blocks of a Narcissistic relationship, puts us constantly on edge and in a perpetually confused and anxious mental state.You keep looking at his pictures, trying to stave off withdrawal.You can’t stop fantasizing about how you want your relationship to be.This negative state clouds our judgment and hinders our ability to analyze situations properly and make logical decisions.When we start behaving in a manner that is out of character for us, that is a huge glowing, flashing red flag that something is seriously wrong.There is so much attention given to spotting a Narcissist and whether, or not, you might be involved with one.But there is a much more accurate barometer, and that is – our own behavior.

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You become an expert detective: You are constantly on the hunt for clues that will tell you what he’s up to.When someone we care about tries to pull away from us, it’s a natural reaction to want to cling tighter, to stop them from leaving. When other people come to us with their problems it’s usually quite simple for us to spot the obvious and recommend a solution, mainly because we have nothing invested and our emotional state is neutral.But when it comes to our own situations the answers are not so simple.I was rationalizing and minimizing and I was desperately trying to hang onto someone that I could feel slipping away and I even found myself trying to convince him that I was best for him and that he should stay with me.