Speed dating game ideas

22-May-2017 19:54

P2P fundraising encourages donors to reach out to their friends and family to engage a larger community in their fundraising effort.Auctions are some of the most profitable fundraising events around.Charity auctions can be standalone or events within events, and they pair well with many of your fundraising staples. With a good auctioneer, live items typically sell for equal to or more than fair market value.The first decision that you’ll have to make when it comes to your auction has to be about what kind of auction you’re going to have. At silent auctions, you can anticipate raising half of fair market value for each item sold.Peer-to-peer fundraising is perfect for all types of event fundraising!Common ideas include walkathons, bikeathons, or fun runs.Accept donations online before, during, or after your next fundraising event to drastically increase the amount raised.Many donors don’t carry cash with them so giving your supporters the opportunity to give online increases the number of potential fundraising donations.

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T-Shirts can pair with your existing fundraising efforts or be an add-on item provided to volunteers or teams.

Best of all, they're inexpensive to create and rely on social sharing.

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Rapidly Exploring Application Design through Speed Dating Scott Davidoff, Min Kyung Lee, Anind K. Dey, John. that support generating ideas.… continue reading »

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