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05-Feb-2017 16:10

Personally I think he should just get off social media and ignore this crap, but I do find it all amusing. Hammer and said her kids will kill themselves when they find out their dad is gay.

She told that loon they were a fucked up individual.

She's having her moment, which won't last forever, so she'd better use it to nab herself some Armie soon. Hammer is really manly and plain-looking in that pic, Dakota is actually the cuter one there. I think a mashup of names has to be both first names or both last names, not mixed. Her brow shelf looks a lot heavier than it used to (Botoxed forehead) and her eyes look much narrower, less open.

Upthread I posted a couple of pics of Armie and Dakota together from Just Jared, and for my own amusement while there, I had a look through the posts tagged with Armie's name, which go back for years.