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There is little or no movement in the southern parts of the basin.As a result, the Great Lakes Basin is gradually tipping, a phenomenon most pronounced around Lake Superior.However, coastal managers and community planners should plan for both extremes to ensure viable, long-term investments in .Hydrologic Cycle Water, a renewable resource, is continually recycled and returned to the ecosystem through the hydrologic cycle.Where they encountered more resistant bedrock in the north, only the overlying layers were removed.To the south, the softer sandstones and shales were more affected.As the glaciers melted and began receding, their leading edges left behind high ridges, some of which can be seen today in the cliffs of Door County, Wisconsin, and the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.Huge lakes formed between these ridges from the retreating ice fronts, and continually changed over time as the ice sheet moved northward.

By carbon dating these organic materials and knowing their heights, a record of past high water levels has been generated.

Early drainage from these lakes flowed southward through the present Illinois River Valley toward the Mississippi River, through the Trent River Valley between present Lakes Huron and Erie and through the Lake Nippissing-Ottawa River Valley from Georgian Bay on Lake Huron downstream to the present Montreal, Quebec, area.