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Later, after warranties have expired on the new models, and owners gain experience with performing their own repairs, more complex repair, overhaul and upgrade operations will be covered in the Repair and Upgrade Operations How-To section of this site.To my knowledge manuals for the latest model Rovers are no longer available in paper form, unfortunately. On the good side, the new documentation is more comprehensive than the old paper manuals, and the expense is well worth while.Regarding tools, the new Range Rover should be modern enough to use entirely metric bolts so carrying both metric and SAE wrenches should not be necessary.However, since the whole vehicle is dominated by electrics, a multimeter is essential to trying to do your own diagnostics.In the US, Atlantic British sells the Autologic system -- see this page on their website.

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This "feature", which the Classic Range Rover certainly never had, was finally eliminated in the Discovery 3/LR3 suspension design which gave a much smoother and quieter ride over rough terrain akin to the original Range Rover ideal as expressed in the Classic.

He had an error message telling him something about slippery ground conditions.

The local garage could not help at all, due to the computerized nature of the vehicle, so he had to limp the next 500 km with a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Because the throttle is also electronic, he couldn't go any faster.

When he eventually made it to a dealer, they found out that an ABS sensor on one wheel got loosened by the rattling of the desert trails.A vehicle intended to be driven far from civilization should be designed to make it easy for owners to overcome malfunctions in the field due to minor faults.Indeed, the new design is a significant improvement in this important respect; if you manage to diagnose and repair the problem in the field, the suspension will return to normal operation, unlike the previous model which still had to be taken to a dealer to reset the computer.Introduction Manuals, Instruments and Tools ABS Sensor Dislodgment Air Suspension Armrest Crumpled Battery Drained/Dead Brake Switch Climate Control Problems Cooling System: Low Coolant Light on Condensation in Tail Lights Diesel Turbo-Intercooler Hose Diesel Turbo Noises Differential Failure Door Seals Leaking Drivetrain Vibration Electrical Gremlins Headlight Alignment Idle Speed Too Fast Mirror (Exterior) Problems Navigation System Quirks Oil Filter Leaks and Broken Mounts Radiator Leak / Overflow Tank Leak Radio Resets to "No Station" Rattle in Front Suspension Off Road Rattle from Rear on Rough Roads Rattle Under Vehicle Satellite Radio Malfunction (2006 models) Seat Bottom Squeak Sound System Problems Squeaking Noise While Accelerating Starting Problems Steering Column Tilt/Telescoping Problems Steering Vibration At Highway Speed At Standstill Steering Wheel Problems Stereo System Issues Suspension (Air) Problems Suspension Clunking Tailgate Latch Problem Tire Problems: Noise, Uneven Wear Towing Peculiarities Transmission Shifting Problems Turbocharger Whine (TD6) Turbocharger Whooshing Noise (TD6) Vibration Problems Whining Noise Winch Availability??

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