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I have a Farmall B for sale, starts and runs nice, needs some work, brakes are weak, and there is minor damage to radiator cowling and hood. Will deliver for a price About to start working on my B Farmall. Exhaust stack rotted off years ago and the engine is all froze up. I have a 1941 Farmall BN athat had a tree growing through it. We got a 1940 B as a parts tractor, and the B was the one that ran! ; In 1981 I bought my great uncle's B Farmall as a keep sake on his estate sale. Is there anyone out there that may know where I can find one so I can mount it on my B? WE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT A TWO SEATER, BUT THE ONE WE BOUGHT HAS A "H" STYLE SEAT. Thanks to farmerike's serial number list, I have discovered thar my FAB 74515 means that it is a 1941. If I can get one, I can run it another 50 years.i do have a b forsale it in darn good shape like to sale it has about 85% tires in rear and same in the front i live in southwest missouri my phone number is 1417-357-6192 or cell 1-417-434-3645 asking 1500 0bo I bought the most worn out B along with several other old tractors in a package deal. Anyone with any info can e-mail me at; tommyr at I started out on a farmall b gas.

For those interested Value Built can supply about any part for it (nothing is cheap) The engine has wet sleeves, new sleeves, pistons and rings are about 0 at value built. Does anyone know if parts are still available for it? My father bought a new B in 1940 which also had 2 front wheels. WE NEED TO PURCHASE 2 SEATS,2 SETS OF SPRINGS & 1 FLOORBOARD & 2 UPRIGHT BRACKETS. I thought that it looked too good to be that old, but on the other hand, some of us look too good to be this darned old too. Didn't think I wanted it but I had a 72" Kubota belly mower that I had traded for. I was less then ten years old easily, sitting on mamaw's lap raking hay, I'll never forget that.

The Town has been offered a donation of a 1939 or 1940 Farmall B which has been restored.

The tractor originally belonged to a family that farmed in our county and having it as part of the Town s Hostetler Auto Museum would be very complimentary because of its history.

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I am looking for a model 2 row corn planter and a 2 row cultivator.The seat and steering is still offset to the right (like the Model A).All Model B's were "narrow front" with either a single or duel wheel.If interested please e-mail us as soon as possible. Any gear heads out their have any ideas I grew up on a B Farmall farming with my Day and Grandpa. it is in good shape and always has been a great running tractor. Auto body filler will work as well...simply clean the block very well with a wire wheeel mix the body filler and cover hte cracks. Thanks, Terryto Carlos Cadena the B farmall tractor doesnt have a water use whatis called thermosipion cooling which means warm water rises to the top of the radiator and as it continues through the radiator cooling becomes more dense.